Whether you simply want to find a suitable tenant, or rent out on a management basis, you need to know that your property is in safe hands.  At Matthewsproperty4u we offer 12 years landlord experience of owning our own portfolios and we have 8 years experience as residential lettings and management agents.

We ask our new landlords what 3 values they look for before appointing an agent, and we strive to ensure that we exceed expectations in these areas; it’s a good way of doing business and it works. We are flexible in doing business; your top values become our priority.

One of the most important aspects is to find a quality tenant who stays in the property over a long period of time, eliminating void periods. We pride ourselves in finding these quality tenants and it’s not unusual for us to find tenants who stay in our properties for an average of 5 years. These types of tenants prove to be excellent in terms of paying rent on time, looking after the property, and reporting problems promptly. This eliminates the costs involved in repairing any damage or wear and tear to the property.
We are experienced with tenants and always respond quickly to tenant issues when things go wrong. Our Lettings Department has continued to grow over the years, and we offer a totally professional, dedicated, loyal and hard working team striving for continued excellence. Lettings and Management is all under one roof, you are only one call away from the team. 

A further benefit of our service is that your property will have great coverage across the internet via our website as well as other portal websites such as and  In addition, we have an added benefit in that properties listed on our website are picked up through all the search engines, including: Google, Alta vista, yahoo and hotmail to name a few. This undoubtedly increases the coverage to a wider audience through the way the properties on our website comply with search engine criteria.

Our services include two levels: Let Only and Full Management. In the past we have project managed our landlords with work from redecoration to complete refurbishment of studio flats to detached houses. 

By all means call us for any aspect of Lettings and Management, you will find us friendly and knowledgeable.  

Let Only: 

We will market your property, find you reliable tenants, thoroughly reference them, draft up RLA accredited tenancy agreements and then organise and set up standing orders to transfer the rent directly to your specified account. We will do everything necessary to facilitate the start of your rental. 

Should you need help or advice on cleaning, re-decorating, inventories, gas and electrical safety checks and furniture regulations, we have a dedicated team of professionals to assist. 

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC): 

All rentals will require an EPC to be undertaken on the property. We have a list of Independent Energy Assessors and can easily arrange for a certificate to be carried out on your property. The typical cost for this is £70 (excl VAT). Each certificate lasts 10 years. 

Gas Safety Certificates: 

On an annual basis, a registered plumber must carry out a gas safety check on your property. This entails checking your boiler and all gas appliances to ensure they are working correctly and within the law. We have numerous highly experienced contractors who are able to carry out this legally required certificate and we can advise accordingly. The typical cost for this is £95 (inc VAT). 


Due to new regulations regarding deposits, if you are not signed up with an accredited deposit scheme, we do not hold your tenants deposit for the duration of the tenancy. However, we have an account with the DPS (Deposit Protection Service), which is a government custodial scheme and is free to use. The deposit is held by this scheme and we can set this up for you free of charge.


We would recommend that a full professional clean of your property is done immediately prior to tenants moving in. The reason for this is obvious, a clean property provides the message to the tenant moving in that they will be required to maintain the good condition of the property. They will also be required to have the property professionally cleaned prior to moving out, a pre-requisite that we always insist upon renting a property through us.


We use an RLA accredited Assured Shorthold tenancy agreement. We are landlords ourselves and consider ourselves a landlord agent more than a letting agent.  

We would highly recommend that, as a pre-requisite to letting your property, you arrange for a professional Inventory check. This provides an adequate means of assessing the condition prior to renting it out and also when the tenant leaves. Matthewsproperty4u has a number of fully independent inventory clerks with whom we work closely.  A note of caution: disputes arising from deposit tribunal’s favor tenants over landlords so it’s of paramount importance to have a well executed inventory.


We offer very competitive rates. If a contract is terminated earlier than a year in accordance with the contract, our fees are refunded pro rata. This means you only pay for the period of the tenancy. We are fully transparent in what we do and it’s a pre-requisite that you sign our business terms and conditions before a tenancy commences. 

Management Services:

In addition to the above we shall execute the following full Management services within the full day-to-day management of your property, which will from time to time entail any repairs notified by the tenant or as a result of our property inspections. Please note that we will proceed or inform our contractors to proceed if repairs do not exceed £250. As a matter of courtesy we will inform you of the repair so you are aware of these things. Please note that our contractors are experienced and are quite competitive, plus we do not charge a hidden fee on top of what the contractors invoice. We identify ourselves as landlords and as such we are aware of landlord issues, which means that we want to keep the costs down for you as much as possible.

Monthly Statements:
Management service includes monthly statements sent either by email or post, indicating our fixed management fee and any contractor’s fees for repairs plus the yearly landlord obligations such as G/S/C legislation. If and when required, we can pay regular outgoings such as Service Charges, Council Tax, and Ground Rents from the rental income.